All About Pregnancy

Stages of pregnancy

All About Pregnancy

Overview of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life. It brings along new emotions, experiences and expectations for the parents at all the different stages of pregnancy. However, pregnancy is a long journey of around 40 weeks, i.e., about 9 months, starting from your Last Menstrual Period (LMP). The 9 months of gestation is divided into 3 pregnancy trimesters – first trimester, second trimester and third trimester. Each trimester is of around 3 months averaging 31 days.

It is essential for parents, especially the expecting mums, to take care of their and their babies’ health during pregnancy. This includes going for regular check-ups, eating healthy and nutritious food, keeping fit during pregnancy and obeying the recommended precautions.

Learn all about pregnancy symptoms, different stages of pregnancy, pregnancy trimesters – week over week and other related information here.

First Trimester of Pregnancy

The first trimester starts from week 1 (your LMP) through week 13. During this critical phase, you do not look pregnant, but you can certainly feel it! You may feel exhausted, experience body pains, flatulence, cramps and many other discomforts during your first pregnancy trimesters.

Your body undergoes a lot of hormonal change, and you may experience from mild to severe morning sickness. Find out all about pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester and always seek your doctor’s advice before trying any remedies and medication on your own.

Also, avoid unhealthy lifestyles, such as drugs, tobacco, alcohol and certain unsafe medicines. 

Baby growth in the first trimester

In this pregnancy trimester – week over week, your baby grows from a single fertilized cell to a foetus by the end of the first three months. It grows bones, immature kidney, growing arms, developing facial features, external genitalia and other developments begin. 

Second Trimester of Pregnancy

In the second trimester of pregnancy, you start looking pregnant and may feel more energetic. This stage lasts from week 14 to week 27 in which you may get relief from morning sickness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and anxiety. However, you may continue to experience other symptoms of pregnancy.

Baby growth in the second trimester

By the end of the second pregnancy trimesters, your babies start responding to your voice, develop lungs and start gaining fat to help the skin smoothen the wrinkles.  

Third Trimester of Pregnancy

In the third trimester, from week 28 to 40, you can experience heartburn, heightened anxiety and tiredness. This time can be physically and emotionally challenging for the mothers-to-be. 

Some women may deliver a baby before the end of week 40, while others may complete 9 months without any signs of labour. Yet, mums-to-be experience pelvic pain, backaches, leg cramps, insomnia, vaginal discharge and other symptoms of pregnancy in the last month. 

Baby growth in the third trimester

The baby continues to develop and gains weight, the hair and nail grow longer, lungs mature, skills and reflexes develop and fontanelles develop on the skull and more.


Understand the different pregnancy trimesters – week over week, baby growth in each week, symptoms of pregnancy and precautions for a safe gestation.