About Us

Pregnancy is a journey of hope, happiness and anxiety!

During this delicate time, we intend to be a trusted friend who can always be there for you. With this dedication, we have created Morning Sickness website for you.

Morning sickness is an initiative by Svizera Healthcare, a division of Maneesh Pharmaceuticals Ltd. We have developed this website as a part of our vision and commitment to improve women’s health. Our website is intended to be a dependable medium to share reliable information and guide you on various aspects of pregnancy. As a result, we plan to have separate pages and sections for Pregnancy, Morning Sickness, First Trimester, Second Trimester, Third Trimester, Nutrition in Pregnancy, Week-by-Week baby growth, Post-pregnancy life, Parenting and other related topics.

We also try to answer general queries and various challenges you may face during pregnancy and guide you through them. We want to be a responsible partner and a trusted friend in the most exciting and cherishing journey of parenthood. Get the right information and advice on numerous matters, such as Baby issues, Newborn care, Vaccinations, Baby development, Due Date Calculator and much more.